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Privatizing war to help intensify Afghan conflicts

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Following releasing reports on meddling a private security firm in Afghan war, concerns have been risen that privatizing war could help intensify conflicts throughout the country.
A number of senators and experts believe that privatizing of war can face Afghanistan with destiny of Iraq and Syria.
Reacting on the issues, upper house of the parliament said, “Privatization of Afghan war is extremely painful and unacceptable to Afghans, because, Afghanistan has signed security agreement with US and NATO, not private firms.”
Senate chairman, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar said, “US should respect Afghans and should not repeat the harsh experiences of Syria and Iraq in Afghanistan.”
He clarified that shouldering Afghan war to ‘Black Water’, a private security firm would not only negatively affect Afghanistan but also the entire region.’
At the same time, the ministry of defense said that privatization of war was only a propaganda, a move which is in contrary with national interests and Afghanistan’s laws.
Lower house of the parliament said handing over of Afghanistan’s security to private companies was in contrary with basic laws and is concerning.
They said the issue has seriously concerned the Afghans, because, constitution clarifies that Afghanistan’s security sector is obliged to ensure the country’s security.
Military experts say currently, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are capable enough to manage the war and they are getting stronger by each passing day.
A veteran, Mahyuddin Mahjour said, “Privatization of Afghan war would not only help decrease war, but would spark people’s hate on presence of foreign forces in the country, an action would lead the country towards crisis.”
He stressed current sensitivities indicate that instead of shouldering war to private companies, attention should be paid to strengthening ANDSF.
A senator, Mostafavi Zada said that Afghanistan has signed security agreement with US, thus, it is responsible to curb war in this country.
He added according to experiences, privatization of war in Afghanistan would deteriorate the situation and the country would face the destiny of Iraq and Syria.
Recently, Black Water’s security in-charge said they would suppress the armed insurgents with deploying thousands of professional soldiers in Afghanistan.
Afghan residents have different views in the respect, they say Afghan security forces are now capable enough to ensure peace and stability and foil the insurgents’ attacks across the country.
This is while that ANDSF have been present in hardest operations and could successfully defend their country and people. Therefore, it is hoped the international community, particularly the US to continue supporting them so they become self-reliant.
Suraya Raiszada

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