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Preventive measures key to tackle COVID-19


The Afghan government announced to impose a three-week-long curfew in the capital Kabul on Friday, effective from Saturday aimed to contain the spread of coronavirus.

To prevent the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all administrations, schools, universities, educational centers, public baths, parks, swimming pools, wedding halls, markets, and other public sites, except for the Ministry of Health and security apparatus, will remain closed for at least three weeks.

In addition, the government banned wedding parties, mourning ceremonies and public transports. Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani said, based on needs, all schools and Dar-ul-Aman Palace could be used as emergency health centers for isolation of the infected.

According to the plan, entities providing health services, security services, grocery stores, restaurants providing delivery services and parts of the Kabul municipality can continue their activities.

Following the western Herat, Nimroz and Farah provinces, Kabul is the fourth province put into partial quarantine. It comes as the total number of positive cases in Afghanistan has hiked to 98 with four confirmed deaths.

After emerging in Wuhan, China last December, the virus has spread to at least 172 countries and regions. Near 600,000 confirmed cases globally, the death toll now nears 25,000, while more than 120,000 have recovered, according to data compiled by the U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University.

The upheaval caused by the novel coronavirus around the world is highly critical and needs a worldwide campaign against it. Peopled are highly worried about the threat the COVID-19 has posed to the world, including Afghanistan, as the situation has been declared a pandemic. 

Since government has announced curfew in capital Kabul and other vulnerable provinces, the people are required to follow the instructions and avoid gatherings and unnecessary movements.

The government and citizens have to come to terms with the truth. The COVID-19 is not some minor disturbance, but a potentially fatal disease. If the current trends continue in the country and preventive measures are not taken, the virus will take large toll on people and will be more fatal than terrorism. 

In fighting COVID-19, everyone is equal. Everyone has the same responsibility and shares the same risk. COVID-19 is very contagious and capable of asymptomatic spread, so it’s even more important to mobilize all of society and get everyone involved in the process.

The successful implementation of prevention and control measures in China, was an example for other parts of the world to follow. Therefore, the key to success is to make everyone responsible, get every unit involved and hold officials accountable.

Afghans shouldn’t take any step that lead to crisis in the country. As a responsible citizen, we are all required to obey the government’s preventive measures and help the health system to better fight the disease.

During an epidemic, it’s advisable to avoid large gatherings and multiple person-to-person contacts. China might have lost billions of dollars by essentially stopping all business, but in the end, this will have been a wise decision and correct action.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.