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Press release regarding recent rumors in social media

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KABUL: Recently fake remarks and wrong rumors on behalf of First Lady of the country have been released by a number of vicious websites as no interviews of the country’s First Lady have been taken place or scheduled with and in the mentioned date; therefore, dear countrymen are informed that such rumors are released against stability and national unity of the people of Afghanistan.
Baseless rumors of those who attribute untrue speeches and remarks to the country’s First Lady, President, politicians and officials of Afghanistan government will not be accepted by our dear countrymen and they will never reach their goals that are harming unity of Afghanistan people.
On the threshold of parliamentary and presidential elections, a number of individuals are stepping up fake and untrue rumors but those who have been following speeches and remarks of the country’s First Lady for the past four years know that she fully respects all tribes of Afghanistan and for better proof, website of first lady office and facebook page are available and all have access to them.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.