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President’s provincial visits commendable

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Strengthening the relationship between a government and its citizens might seem to be such an obvious priority for democracies that it hardly needs spelling out. Yet governments everywhere, including Afghanistan have been criticized for being far from the people, not listening enough and not seeking participation.
Engaging citizens in policy-making and other decision making allow governments to tap new sources of ideas, information and resources when making decisions. To engage people effectively in policy making, governments needed to invest adequate time and resources in building robust legal, policy and institutional frameworks. They must develop and use appropriate tools, ranging from traditional opinion polls of the population at large to consensus conferences with small groups of laypersons. Experience has shown, however, that without leadership and commitment throughout the public administration, even the best policies will have little practical effect.
Since inauguration of the National Unity Government, President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah have been time and again seen in different public places, greetings with people and listening to them for their problems.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has time and again visited different provinces to remove the gap between the people and state and further involved people in decision makings and inviting them to help the local governments in rebuilding and actively take part in democratic processes.
President Ghani arrived in southern province of Helmand on Sunday morning to condole death of Abdul Jabar Qahraman and Saleh Mohammad Achekzai, two parliamentary election candidates who were martyred in bomb attacks this month.
During the visit, President held different meetings with local civilian and military officials, elders, clerics, women, youths, members of provincial council, teachers and representatives of different sections of local residents and noted their problems and instructed the government officials to spare no effort in addressing their legitimate demands.
Afghanistan has made significant progress towards rebuilding its political system and institutions. Such visits of the state leaders showing that real democracy is shaping in Afghanistan. Political participation – especially among women – is growing. The recent parliamentary elections across the country, including that of Kandahar this week saw historic turnout despite of huge Taliban threats.
A country like Afghanistan that has suffered from war and conflict, the only political system which can guarantee the security of its citizens and unites its people is establishment of an elected government and parliament and that is possible through democratic processes. Meanwhile the leaders are further required to build trust with the nation and address their demands and problems.
Such steps would ensure protection of the people’s rights and guarantees that everyone is treated equally and in accordance with the rule of law, no one would be left behind the government’s development programs.
Therefore, based on such notion, the idea of a national unity government in which members of the Afghan society are equally represented in the government embraced. Despite of reportedly fraud allegations in 2014 elections, Afghans from all corners of the country despite of Taliban threats enthusiastically participated in the parliamentary elections.
By casting their votes, the NUG leaders and the people proved that democracy is viable and sustainable in Afghanistan.

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