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President’s consultative meetings for peace commendable

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Continuing efforts for durable peace in the country, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with first VP Mohammad Younus Qanooni and leader of Hezb Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar as part of the ongoing consultative meetings regarding reconciliation efforts.President Ghani thanked them for his views and discussed the establishment of peace consultative board.
President Ghani informed them that the results of the consultative meetings would be shared once the views of the representatives of the nation have been collected. Meanwhile the president had earlier met with coordination council of Jamiat-e-Islami, civil society activists, former Balkh governor Noor and other influential figures to seek ways for peace in the country.
Peace has remained elusive in Afghanistan and all efforts made in this regard came to a stalemate. Several institutions were established with the hope of replacing war with political discourse and peace, but the war continued unabated.
Fighting in Afghanistan has been indeed complex, and people do not know well about the roots and reasons. Even the political analysts have not reached a conclusion on factors that caused and continued the war.
Afghanistan, after the fall of Taliban regime in 2001, began a new era of its history and a democratic government came into being. For the first time over past three decades, Afghans elected and a democratic government and education as well as employment opportunities provided to thousands of men and women across the country. Meanwhile many democratic processes pave the way for people to monitor government’s performances. But Taliban and other militant groups so far opposed all these values and continued to target the innocent masses and the Government employees.
Previous government and the national unity government spared no efforts to bring peace for the war-suffered nation. But all the efforts failed, and the process became very complicated. Recently the US special envoy for Afghan Peace process Zalmai Khalilzad begun regional trips, including that of Afghanistan to push warring parties for talks.
Besides to this, President Ghani started series of consultative talks with the country’s political and social figures, including women to find ways for the long-waiting peace process. President’s such move is commendable as he is involving all strata of the society in peace talks to reach a conclusion for the well-being of the nation.
The governmenthas realized that such process will not bear the desired fruit unless to include all the components of this trend in peace agenda and illustrate the prospect of peace in this war-torn country with diplomacy and management.
Such a vision can ensure and mobilize the different players in the Afghan conflict to participate in peace process, because it ensures the overlapping interests of the different players and envision an Afghanistan that can engage all the partners to enjoy economic and security benefits. However, it requires a strong and dynamic diplomacy and a sustainable regional, cross regional and international engagement policy.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.