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Presidential candidates should present program


By: The Kabul Times

Half of scheduled time allocated for electoral campaign of 1398 presidential elections candidates has been elapsing but some people consider electoral campaigns fading contrary to expectations. In this period a number of candidates have been satisfied merely with sticking of their photos along main roads and public places in the big cities including capital, Kabul while some other candidates beside above gesture plus appearing in TV debates and publishing of billboards organized big meetings and gatherings in the capital and provinces.
Loya Jirga tent has been witnessing holding of most electoral gatherings by several candidates and their supporters.
But as it has been seen, these campaigns mostly reflected criticizes of rival teams and have been less program oriented. All electoral teams criticized other teams and have been talking slightly on their programs on next day after presidential elections.
These candidates have neither published a book on their programs nor have organized scientific meetings with academic content. While in similar cases in other countries and even in previous elections in Afghanistan the candidates had tried to express and explain their point of views, opinions, plans and programs on future and post-elections.
Under such a situations, the voters have been sank in a vacuum and fail to chose their favorite candidate precisely and use their ballot properly. This vacuum happens due to this reason that the candidates have talked slightly on their plans and programs.
Until the voters have no awareness on the candidates’ plans and programs for post-election time on relevant issues problems and challenges of Afghan people socio, economic, political, cultural and security situations, how they would manage to choose among candidates and vote him.
People expect the electoral teams to explain their programs and solutions for ongoing problems in Afghanistan.
The candidates should tell the voters what are their solutions to get rid of war and restore a reliable peace, what are their suggestions for economic problems, for refugees and repatriates, for eradication of unemployment, poverty, for improving of education and higher education, extremism, eradication of addiction, drug production and trafficking? How they assure people to trust and vote them?
People really want to know to whom they should vote. Who would manage to lead the broken ship of Afghanistan with destroyed economy to salvation coast?
Who would manage to find logical and short practical answers to current problems that would result in socio, economic development and prosperity, reliable and everlasting peace?

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.