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President stresses distance learning as schools shut over COVID-19 outbreak

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, spoke this afternoon with the leadership of the Ministry of Education via video conference about the reform program at the ministry and the measures taken in hand to teach students during school holidays, a statement from the presidential palace press office said yesterday.
This video conference was followed by a series of previous meetings to review the ministry’s education and reform program, with the ministry of education officials first sharing the progress report on the ministry’s reform and development plan with the president.
Acting Minister of Education Mohammad Mirwais Balkhi said the ministry’s reform package will be completed soon, taking into account all of the pre-defined criteria, and that will be implemented with the start of the new school year, following the president’s remarks, according to the statement.
After hearing the report, the president said a clear path has been established for implementation of reform in the ministry, adding that the reform package needed to be implemented step by step, the statement added.
The president also said that the ministry of education should focus on a distance programs through its TV channel during the off days due to the possible spread of the coronavirus, aiming to keep continued the studies of the students.
President Ghani instructed the Ministry of Education to work on a specific program for teaching and keeping students engaged during school closures or if the holidays were to be extended. The President also emphasized that the Afghan Government’s top priority was education and health and directed the Ministry of Education to pay special attention to distance education programs in Herat, as the province is much vulnerable due to outbreak of COVID-19, the statement said.
The President assured all teachers that their salaries will be paid during and after the school holidays, and that they will be paid too if holidays extended, the statement quoted.

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