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President Ghani’s video conference to nation about ongoing peace talks


KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a video call to the nation, on Monday, said that the country wanted an Afghan-led and Afghan owned peace.
He said all Afghans wanted to play their role for peace and that the government of Afghanistan had firm decision for the peace process. “Efforts being made by the United States are part of the peace, under an Afghan-led and Afghan owned process.”
The country’s president said he didn’t want the last experiences of Shaheed Daud Khan (the country’s first president) and that of former president Dr. Najibullah eras repeated.
“We all know that how he was deceived. The United Nations granted him peace, but unfortunately it resulted into a tragedy,” he added pointed to Dr. Najibullah’s presidency.
The president went on as saying: “As the leader and president of the country’s 35 million people, I have full information about the active role of the region and the world and the ensuing possible dangers and threats.”
President Ghani added that this shouldn’t be forgotten that the main victims of war were the Afghans, so the peace initiative should also be at the hand of the Afghans.
According to him, foreign forces presence in Afghanistan was based on a bilateral agreement and the United Nations resolve and no Afghan wanted long-term foreign troops in their country.
This was also decided that how long and how many foreign forces should stay in Afghanistan, the president told the nation via the video conference and that this was also planned that when the foreign forces number reaches to nil, the president continued.
“We have firm peace plan and are committed to restore peace and prevent any possible tragedy,” said the president.
“Taliban have two options; joining the nation or remaining as a tool at the hand of the aliens,” warned the president adding that the Taliban’s war and violence would hinder shaping a powerful government and this was the willing of the country’s foreign enemies.
The president called on the Taliban that they should give practicing the aliens’ vicious plans and welcome the Afghans willing.
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