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President Ghani’s message on occasion of 24 Hoot

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KABUL: The historic uprising of the brave people of Herat happening on 24th Hoot 1357s (14 March 1979) is considered as one of the remembering and proud incidents in Afghanistan modern history. I pray for the soul of those martyred during the respective incident and all martyrs of Afghanistan.
On this day, the people of Herat proved that devotion and unity could make the biggest powers’ pillars fall down.
On this historic day, the mujahid people of Herat by launching uprising stood against cruelty and tyranny and turned a new chapter with their blood in their struggles for freedom. The most significant reason of the uprising was to put an end to tyranny, maintain justice and establish a democratic system in the country.
The efforts of our people are still going on for reaching the wishes of our martyrs. The pillars of republic and democracy are strengthening – Afghanistan by its stiff steps is going towards development as serious efforts are underway for reaching permanent peace which is the desire of our martyrs. The base of struggles and efforts of the people of Afghanistan is unity; with unity and solidarity, we’re going towards reaching our martyrs’ wishes.
To take advantage of the opportunity, I want to point to coronavirus outbreak too. Coronavirus is threatening seriously the life of people across the world. Unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan are also being threatened by the virus. A number of positive cases for the coronavirus in our country is making us pay serious consideration and take urgent steps towards controlling the virus outbreak in the country. Prevention from any gatherings, paying consideration to healthcare and others can control the virus outbreak in the country.
Leading body of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan believes in capabilities of Herat and the people of Herat and as the history and efforts of the people of this province show, I believe that we can overcome on current problems with solidarity.
Herat, one of the centers of Islamic civilization and Afghanistan, opens its path towards development and by passing each day the province gets green and built. I hope on the threshold of the new spring season all our countrymen in particular the people of Herat should pay full attention to greening and building of the country by planting saplings in the country.
Long Live Afghanistan,
Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.