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President Ghani vows to crush IS havens after Kabul wedding attack

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani laid a wreath at the Azadi “Independence” Memorial minaret on the occasion of Independence Day, a statement said.
The ceremony was also attended by second VP Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, speakers of lower and upper houses of parliament, cabinet members, Nationals Security Advisor and a number of government officials at the vicinity of Ministry of National Defense.
The president later appeared at a ceremony in Darul Aman Palace, which has been recently renovated.  Addressing the event, President Ghani said the main celebration of the centenary of Independence Day was postponed honoring the victims of the deadly attack but added that “we will take the revenge of our people”. 
President Ghani addressing the nation at Darul Aman Palace woefully expressed that, “Enemy of our freedom and independence, enemy of our people and country, they cannot see this celebration and happiness. This enemy can’t face our powerful armed forces.”
“We will eliminate Daesh hideouts all around the country. The fight against Deash will be intensified,” the president said. He argued that the Taliban can’t avoid the responsibility by denying being behind this attack. He said that, Taliban laid the foundation for such attacks and carried out numerous such barbaric attacks on mosques, schools and public places.
While assuring that they will not have mercy and the fight against ISIS will continue fiercely, he expressed that, they will take revenge and uproot them. He also called out the Taliban and said that if they are true Afghans then they should join other Afghans in protecting the blood of citizens with them, otherwise they are not part of this land.
The president went on saying that international community should not remain silent over such inhuman acts, but efforts should be intensified to uproot terror. “Our fight is with enemies of humanity. World should know that Afghans not only fighting for their independence, but also fighting for survival of the humanity,” the president said.
The 100th Independence Day marks a critical juncture in Afghanistan’s political history, in the backdrop of Peace negotiations, which are to decide the future direction of the country. President Ghani had expressed his views earlier and said, “Afghanistan’s fate can’t be decided outside, we don’t want anyone to intervene in our affairs”. President Ghani made the comments as U.S. and Taliban negotiators appeared to be closing in on a peace agreement without the Western backed government in Kabul at the table. 

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