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President Ghani vows to address money-changers’ problems

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with head and members of money- changers’ union of Afghanistan here at the presidential palace yesterday morning.
While declaring their support for the government’s programs in the areas of economic growth, peace process, prevention of usurpation and fight against corruption, the money changers said that they were not only money changers, but also labor and industrialists. “Many factories have been created by money changers and we have always strived to promote Afghan currency, they said as quoted by the presidential press office statement.
They also briefed the president on sixteen of their key problems, including insecurity and kidnapping, amendments of a number of rules, bills and regulations of De Afghanistan Bank, addressing cases of money changers, business passport distribution, redistribution of licenses, distribution of weapons licenses, presence of illegal armed men that threatens the life of money changers, the unprofessional behave of the police and the judiciary in some cases, problems in money transfers and the presence of money changers in the De Afghanistan Bank leading council and the High Economic Council.
After hearing the demands and problems of the money changers , President Ghani said that their problems were serious and needed urgent action. He said the Afghan constitution does not allow abuse and bullying, according to the statement.
The president also instructed the related organs to address cases of money changers.
The president said a special anti-kidnapping task force needed to be set up by the National Directorate of Security and the Interior Ministry in cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office to address the serious problem of investors, especially money changers, as soon as possible.
Concluding his remarks, the president said would hold a meeting with the Ministry of Finance and the Interior, Da Afghanistan Bank and the Attorney General’s Office to address issues before the money changers, adding the result of the meeting would be shared with the money changers.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.