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President Ghani urges immediate cooperation with Panjshir storm affected areas

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has evaluated the storm affected areas of Panjshir from air and asked the military and civil officials for doing more for the affected areas and supplying immediate aids for the victims, according to a statement from The Presidential Press Office released to media on Sunday.

After air-eveluation of the affected areas, the country’s president met with the Panjshir governor and other local officials who assured of their primary aids supply to the affected sites.

The water storm emanated from hillside in Khinj district of Panjshir province had resulted in live and property losses, few days ago, but the provincial officials thanked the president for his tour to the mountainous province and expressing his sympathy to the incident victims.

The country’s president said well management of the provincial officials including the governor and share of the ordinary people to control the incident indicates the continued feeling of the people in the province, the statement quoted.

The president instructed the ministry of urban development for providing a proper areas to be built residential units and preparation of a township for the displaced people with the government to cooperate with the reconstruction process, the statement added.

The country’s president also instructed the ministry of agriculture for investigating into the destroyed streams and work on their rebuilding, as well as the ministry of urban development to lodge the first district of Panjshir at his ministry’s work priority.

The president also instructed for providing a model to control the Panshir River to help prevent such incidents.

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