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President Ghani thanks Parwan people’s support of ANDSF

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President Ghani meeting Parwan provincial council members

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani travelled to Parwan province here yesterday morning to inaugurate a number of projects and held a meeting with members of the provincial council, a statement from the Presidential Palace said.
The provincial council members shared their problems and suggestions regarding several projects, including creation of jobs for the youth, construction of a main mosque in the city, construction of two roads, extension of electricity to districts, higher education facilities, education scholarships and others.
Speaking on the occasion, President Ghani thanked the people of Parwan province for their cooperation with the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF). The president said Afghanistan’s trade with central Asian countries had increased and it had signified the importance of Parwan.
President promised construction of a congregational mosque in the capital of central Parwan province while insisting on standard packaging of agricultural products for exports and their increased production in Parwan. The president said now Afghanistan was connected with India, central Asia and Europe through the air and ground, thus necessitating improved packaging and processing.
According to another report, President Ghani met security and defense officials and heard reports from them about the security situation and preparations for the Oct 20 Wolesi Jirga elections.
The provincial security officials briefed the president about their achievements, challenges and said the security forces were in high morale and they had always frustrated enemy’s designs.
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