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President Ghani talks via phone with Spanish Foreign Minister

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, spoke Friday afternoon with the Spanish Foreign Minister, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Saturday.
During the conversation, attended by the First Lady and a number of government officials, both sides discussed peace, the recent US decision and the continuation of cooperation with Afghanistan, according to the statement.
About the US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, the President said: “We expected the same decision two years ago, and I spoke with President Biden and the Secretary of State, that the bilateral agreements, particularly, the security agreement and strategic relations between the two countries are still in place, the statement quoted. “We have entered a new chapter in relations with the United States and that its assistance to the Afghan security and defense forces will continue and we will talk about its mechanisms,” said the president during his telephonic conversation with the Spanish Foreign Minister.
The president said that the timing and order of the withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan and what facilities and equipment remain with our forces should be discussed, the statement quoted.
According to the president, the consequences of the withdrawal should be weighed and that neighboring countries, especially Pakistan, should be careful in their decisions.
“Unfortunately, Afghanistan has been in war for 42 years and we want to be a neutral country and welcome peace, while the Taliban have rejected the opportunity for peace,” Ghani said.
During the phone call, Foreign Minister Mohammad Hanif Atmar also spoke about peace, saying that Afghanistan would discuss with NATO on how to continue its long-term cooperation, especially in the fight against terrorism, after the withdrawal of its forces.
“The Taliban will reach a political agreement based on their responsibilities, and we are working with Turkey, Qatar, the United States and the United Nations for peace,” Atmar added.
“The regional countries and the international community must work with us and let the Taliban and Pakistan know that this is an opportunity and they should not miss it,” he continued.
In this telephone conversation, the country’s First Lady reminded the active contribution of Afghan women in various fields and said that different women’s networks have been established and now they represent themselves. “We will not go back and focus on strengthening important women rights and issue.”
During the phone call, the Spanish Foreign Minister confirmed Afghanistan’s demands and expressed his support for the peace process and the strengthening of the role of Afghan women in various fields, and added that he will talk with NATO member states for more support to Afghanistan.
At the end of the conversation, he noted that they were committed to support Afghanistan and will provide the necessary cooperation in digitalization and urban development.

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