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President Ghani stresses women’s vast participation in upcoming elections

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KABUL: Following the series of his consultative meetings, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday met with a number of women networks’ representatives and women rights activists in Arg, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
At the outset, representing others, head of Afghan women entity for elections, Manizha Ramzi, an in-charge of equality entity for peace and democracy Sheela Qayoumi, and a researcher in Afghanistan’s evaluation and research administration, Masouda Kohistani spoke about variety of issues particularly elections and its transparency, peace, ceasefire and reforms in civil and military entities, according to the statement.
They also shared their proposals, views and suggestions on elections technical processes, women role in political processes, women problems and challenges in elections, facilities during elections, experiences from the last ceasefire, probable ceasefire management during Eid-ul-Adha days, law’s execution, capacity-building, privileges and recruitments based on higher education fields with the president, the statement added.
In turn, thanking for sharing their proposals, views and suggestions, the president said now the Afghan women could represent their own in all sectors and today’s session was a clear example for this.
Addressing the women, the president added you should believe that we would consult with you on all national issues, the statement went on to say.
The president added that instead of using power, the current constitution has solved power transferring problem through Afghans’ transparent, secrete and direct vote and this great achievement ought to be protected, otherwise, this forty years crisis would not only be tackled but would also increase, the statement continued.
President Ghani said, “We should not have doubt on elections system, there is no any alternative for elections, because other alternatives have been experienced and been failed.”
He added to apply constitution, the presidential elections would be held on its due time.
To hold parliamentary election, he pointed out that an overall security plan has basically been arranged and the presidential elections security plan is to be arranged, the statement added.
Calling people cooperation a must in term of elections, the president asked Afghan women networks to cooperate in the respect.
Stressing on non-interferences of government officials, irresponsible armed individuals and local police, he said those who meddled in elections would not only be punished but would also be ousted.
To prevent interferences in elections’ transparency, the president said voting process would be recorded on security cameras.
Likewise, he said ceasefire with the Afghan Taliban indicated that this nation was united and ready to put aside the challenges and think about a prosperous future. That is why, the last ceasefire had been applied 98 percent, the president added.
Pointing at regional, international and Islamic countries’ consensus on peace process in Afghanistan, the president said there was a consensus for peace and hopes have risen in this regard. He added reforms process is ongoing within civil and military sections, as the people, particularly the women cooperation is necessary in the respect.

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