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– President Ghani stresses unity to foil enemies’ plots

د شهيد اوونۍ

KABUL: Addressing a gathering in connection with the Martyr’s Week at the Presidential Palace on Thursday, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani prayed for the departed souls of recent terrorist attacks’ victims in the country.

President Ghani suggested that there was the need for a new perspective to observe the Martyrs Week as social cohesion was a must for the country’s stability.

“Other countries gained stability after dark days with consensus on social agreement, it means these countries ensured balance between justice and compassion due to the social contract,” he said, adding Afghanistan would not be able to heal its wounds until its people reached that agreement.

The president said things achieved with wisdom and sacrifices should not be lost to emotions, adding some circles in the region wanted to cut Afghanistan’s relations with the international community.

He said the nation’s pain was general and it needed a general solution. “Every person in this country feels he or she is more oppressed than others.”

Pointing to recent terrorist attacks in the west of Kabul, the president said all followers of Jafaria jurisprudence were the pride of the Afghan nation.

“The enemies of the Afghans should clearly know that this nation cannot be eliminated and anyone thought so were buried in this country’s mountains,” he added. The president stressed on rehabilitation of areas damaged in the conflict.

About rowdy supporters of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the president said firing in the air and making noise on roads and streets not only help but create problems for people showed disrespect to the martyrs.

President Ghani said if people waited for foreigners to build their government or rescue them from poverty, it meant they forgot their own responsibilities. “Every nation that forgets their responsibilities fails.”

About Wolesi Jirga and district council elections, the President said: “We should turn the election issue into a social discussion the way that it exhibits our social justice and religious unity.”  He said Afghan security forces were now trustable and was the opportunity to end the four decades of war and crisis. “Our unity, social justice, religious unity and history is under attack, so our responsibility is important in the current time than ever before.”

About assistance to martyrs’ families, he said a coupon for 10,000 families of martyrs would be prepared in near future.

He added 4,000 educational scholarships in private universities were also allocated to the families of martyrs.

Representing the families of martyrs, Attaullah Safi and Abdul Razaq Bashardost said their fathers fought for the independence and territorial integrity of the country.

They asked president to do more for peace as the war-hit nation was tired of ongoing violence in the country.

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