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President Ghani seeking effective counter-corruption efforts through firm legislative support

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in the annual counter-corruption conference, held here in Kabul, said that effective counter-corruption campaign needed firm legislative support, said a statement from the Presidential Palace, the other day.
The president said in order to have the rule of law institutionalized and corruption fought in the country, the government first founded the legal base.
“Approval and drafting of 450 laws and rules, approval of counter-corruption law, law on the informers of corruption related criminals, law on registration, audit and distribution of the properties of the authorities and senior officials of the government have been the fundamental measures taken by the government,” said the statement quoting the president.
The country’s president said fighting corruption was the top priority of the government for the past five years, and fighting corruption was a move supported by the people of the Afghanistan, said the statement.
He said short-term view and implementation of other countries experiences in fighting corruption, in the past, was the main reasons behind failure in the country and said that the government for the next two years managed to approve and exercise the national counter-corruption strategy.
“We will not achieve real achievement, unless we don’t have strong institutions,” said the president.
He went on as saying that evaluation of the independent institutions like SIGAR indicates that the government has completed and applied majority of its commitment’s indexes. “Up to 83 of 102 indexes have been applied and completed.”
The president noted that the government had succeeded to apply and complete national reforms programs in the justice and judicial sector, and added that parallel and ineffective government and administrations were the main problems faced by the government in the past years, which needed more time to indentify and are comprehensively investigated.
Some 70 of a total of 200 convicted detainees are government authorities after the government assessed more than 1000 cases, said the statement quoting the president.
The president also pointed to some cases has not still applied and said efforts were continuing to do them duly.

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