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President Ghani reviews Kunduz development projects’ implementation

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KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a meeting held to review development projects’ execution in Kunduz province, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Sunday.
The meeting held in Gul Khana Palace during which President Ghani said Kunduz was among the richest and most motivating provinces of the country where has less attention been paid to, according to the statement.
The president said structures were inadequate in provinces, adding positive changes would soon appear in provinces including Kunduz.
He added the provinces’ next year budget would transfer to them from center, the statement added.
Afterwards, Kunduz governor, Abdul Jabar Naemi presented his report on Kunduz city master-plan to the meeting.
He added the delegation from the center has reviewed Kunduz city Master-Plan and after completion, practical work would begin in the city.
While asking for Kunduz airport’s utilization for civilian flights, he asked the president to issue instructions to the relevant organs on beginning practical work of Imam Sahib road and reconstruction of an alternative bridge for Alchin bridge that has partially been ruined.
After hearing the governor’s report, the president said Kunduz master-plan should be finalized and steps should be taken on construction of a ring road that is key for the province’s trade growth.
The president instructed the ministries of urban development, commerce and industries and lands authority to bring their specific proposals on agricultural lands of Spinzar enterprise.
He also instructed Da Ariana Afghan Air Line Company to start flights to all provinces of the country.
According to another report, at the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a contract on irrigation and power generation of second Khan Abad’s project was signed between the ministry of water and energy and an Indian company.
The project would be implemented in Khan Abad district of Kunduz province that worth $25 million.
Besides generating 10.4 mgw power, it would irrigate 47000 hectares of agricultural lands and 18000 families would directly benefit that.
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