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President Ghani rejects resignations of top security officials


Amid growing insecurities in the capital Kabul particularly the attack on first day of Eid-ul-Adha, voices have been risen that security officials should resign.
This comes as national security advisor had recently presented his resignation to the president, and he accepted it and officially appointed former Afghanistan ambassador to Washington Hamdullah Mohib instead of him.
Likewise, the president asked security officials to do their best on ensuring security in the country.
This is while three senior security officials, ministers of defense and interior and head of national directorate for security presented their resignations to president yesterday, but he didn’t accept the resignations.
The presidential spokesperson Haroun Chakhansouri in his facebook wrote, “The president asked three key security officials to remain on their posts and work toward improvement of security situation.”
At the same time, military experts believe that bringing changes in an organization or government is a usual matter, they stress in such a situation, such changes would pave the way for insurgents.
A military expert and veteran Jawid Kohistani said to The Kabul Times, “I think people think security entities didn’t do their best on ensuring security in the country and national security council’s office was an entity in which its responsibilities have not been clarified within the constitution.”
He added other security sectors’ responsibilities have been clarified in the constitution and they should be responsible before the nation as well as no organ should act beyond law.
He said, “Hamdullah Mohib doesn’t have enough experience of security sector, therefore, if the government wants to bring changes in an administration, it should appoint a more experienced and professional person so he/she can properly manage the related affairs.”
A former general Atiqullah Amarkhil believes besides people and society, figures play key role in managements.
Calling Atmar a professional person he added changes and replacements are usual matters, but in such a situation, these changes are not in the benefit of people and government.
He pointed out those entities and individuals that neglected on prevailing security particularly in Kabul and Ghazni, should be punished based on law, to be a lesson to other security officials.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.