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President Ghani reiterates govt’s support for entrepreneurs

president Ghani

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a session was held to discuss plans for strengthening small entrepreneurships in the country.
In the session held yesterday at Presidential Palace, acting chairman of Da Afghanistan Bank Ajmal Ahmadi by briefing the plan said the plan could address all problems and suggestions related to financially and socially supporting the country’s new and small entrepreneurships and structural reforms.
He said that newly established and small entrepreneurships had faced with financial problems during the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown of cities; therefore, the government was planning to launch a loan program to address their financial problems. Besides, the government has particular programs such as a mechanism for exemption of their taxes’ fines and a program for increasing coordination between the government and private sector.

Representing Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Khanjan Alokozay and representatives of relevant government and private sector institutions praised the government for financially supporting the new and small entrepreneurships and the plan regarding launching a loan program for small and newly established entrepreneurships, mechanism for exemption their taxes’ fines and increasing coordination between the government and private sector.

In the session, President Ghani instructed ministry of finance to deliver the coming High Economic Council meeting particular suggestions and mechanisms for exemption of rents of government properties and taxes’ fines for small entrepreneurships so that the government would make decision based on the suggestion.

The country’s President said that a particular plan should be made for the loan budget, otherwise financial catastrophe would take place and the budget affairs would bankrupt due to lack of transparency.
President Ghani further said that the government would hold discussion with all entrepreneurships to address their problems and suggestions.

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