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President Ghani receives Nizami Ganjavi Int’l Award

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KABUL: The Nizami Ganjavi international award was granted to president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday during his stay in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, a statement from the presidential press office said.
Arriving in Azerbaijan late Wednesday, president Ghani addressed the global Baku forum and the Nizami Ganjavi award was granted to him to acknowledge his initiative for world peace and security.
“To acknowledge and commend his initiatives for world peace and security, Nizami Ganjavi Center awarded President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the Nizami Ganjavi International Award during Global Baku Forum,” presidential palace said in a statement.
The 7th Global Baku Forum has kicked off in the capital of Azerbaijan under the motto “A New Foreign Policy” the other day.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani besides other world leaders, addressed the session saying uncertainty was the defining theme of today’s world, adding buffeted by destructive and disruptive changes defining news headlines, the international order created in the mid-20th century was not responding to the challenges and opportunities demanding a world order, with rules managing interdependence at the global, international, regional and state levels.
“Organized in distractive silos –security, trade, development— environment with distinctive rules and stakeholders, focus on owning, leading and managing the task of agreeing to and fashioning a global order answering to the 3rd decade of the 21st century is not at the center of our focused attention,” the president noted.
President Ghani went on saying that the scale, scope, and simultaneity of the problems — ranging from environmental change, to the fourth industrial revolution and the fifth wave of political violence in the form of transnational terrorism and Criminal organizations—repeatedly pose the question of global order and search for creative solutions to problems of order at each level. Global, International, Regional and National.
“We are keen to once again transform our pivotal location at the heart of Asia into a platform for regional and global cooperation. Afghanistan presents an opportunity for the region and the world, for a host of interdependent issues, from trade, security, and economic growth,” the president said.
The event then featured the presentation of the Nizami Ganjavi International Award for 2019. Besides President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, president of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Kerry Kennedy received the Nizami Ganjavi International Award by the decision of the Center’s Board of Trustees.
Over 500 delegates from 50 countries attend the three-day Forum.

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