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President Ghani receive 3 Wolesi Jirga Commission heads, members

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in a meeting with the heads of the three commission of the Wolesi Jirga said the neighboring would no longer use the country’s water free of cost and that the country would not enter long-term water treaties.
The country’s president thanked the lawmakers for approving the water management law and urged them to prioritize allocation of budget for water management as well as approve the mining law, the Presidential Palace said in a statement received by The Kabul Times.
The House commissions heads and members thanked the president for his continued meetings with them and presented their proposals regarding the government-led and government-supervised peace process and coordination and cooperation among the state institutions, the statement added. President Ghani asked the legislators to send their questions and demands in written form with ministries concerned in order government official were able to come up with preparations when asked for joining the house summoning.
President Ghani briefed the heads and members of the house of people commissions about the government’s upcoming plans regarding reforms in the education, higher education and hajj ministries, the peace process, water management, electricity production, capacity building, agriculture, mines, infrastructure and other sectors.
The president said the ministry of education should remove injustice distribution of sources among the provinces and that ‘the ministry should be accountable for the schools not vice versa.’
According to the ministry, beside the construction of over 3,000 school buildings, the entire schools of the country would be connected to fiber optic.
About the ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs, the country’s president said the whole focus of the ministry should be on the process of hajj pilgrimage, but there are still injustice and problems in the process. “The in charges should be fluent in Arabic language and the instructors should completely understand the pillars of Hajj.”
He said both the hajj portion and hiring teachers should be based on justice for the entire provinces.
About the ongoing peace process, the country’s president during the meeting with the lawmakers said peace was the main demand of the Afghans and the priority of the government, but the Taliban group should,respond about their relation with Pakistan, criminal networks, drugs and the international terrorism networks as well as to the concerns of the people.

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