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President Ghani praises EU’s assistance to Afghanistan

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini here at the Presidential Palace yesterday, a statement said.
Both sides discussed elections, peace process, expansion of Afghanistan and EU bilateral relations and holding of upcoming consultative Loya Jirga, the presidential press office said.
Later both appeared in a press conference with President Ghani thanking Mogherini’s key role in state building, supporting of the peace process led by Afghans, extending financial supports to Afghanistan and hosting the Brussels conference in the last five years.
President Ghani went on saying that EU’s agenda was to end war and bring peace in the world, adding upcoming Consultative Loya Jirga would pave the way for the people to decide about their future.
Thanking EU’s agenda for boosting governance process in Afghanistan, the president said that basis of the country’s foreign policy was creating a positive vision among the international community towards Afghanistan.
Pointing to recent pressures by some politicians and some countries in the region about peace, the president said that peace cannot be achieved through threats,adding  stability in Afghanistan was in favor of stability in the region and the world.  The president asked Mogherini to help Afghan government in holding of the third Kabul Process meeting.
Meanwhile, Mogherini said the conditions for peace have been provided and that Afghans should move the process forward.
“Time has come for the Afghans, all the Afghans non-exploded to take the future of their country in their hands and for a peace process that can be really sustainable, we see the needs to meet some conditions to make any negotiation sustainable over time,” she said.
Mogherini said the European Union will continue supporting the Afghan peace and that there should be a ceasefire in order to move forward the peace talks. She said Afghan women should have an active role in the peace process. 
Mogherini reiterated that the aim of the European Union’s assistance to Afghanistan is to help the country achieve peace.”I will point on which the European Union will always be at the side of the Afghan people, never leaving any of them alone. First of all, a ceasefire agreed by the Taliban, and peace talks with the Afghan government. Second, an inclusive negotiation team to be established with representatives of all Afghan society including women,” she said.
Mogherini said they discussed with President Ghani the need to uphold the electoral agenda.”I would summarize it with one simple and very easy to understand sentence. Enter negotiations as if there were no elections, united as a country, and do elections as if there were no negotiations,” she said.
She said that the European Union will remain committed to help Afghanistan.
“We will be at your side in this difficult but important journey and we do as always all we can to accompany the Afghan people and their democratically elected institutions in this particular moment of their history,” Mogherini said.
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