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President Ghani praises ANDSF for quelling terrorist attack on MCIT

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MCIT) a day after gunmen carried out a complex attack on the compound.
The security officials briefed the president on their operations, prevention of civilian casualties and timely suppressing of the insurgents, a statement from the presidential press office said yesterday. The security forces evacuated at least 2,000 employees of the ministry during the five hours of the attack.
The president extended his condolences to victims’ families, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology as well as to directorate of security for high ranking officials over martyrdom of their personnel during the attack.
President Ghani praised the Afghan forces’ “bravery” for pushing back the attack and for evacuating the employees of the ministry during the attack. The president said the attack did not show bravery, rather, it was the sign of “utmost cowardness”.
“If you (militants) want to fight against our Defense and Security Forces, it (public places) is not a battlefield… Who has given you the right to attack the honor of the people? Who has given you the right to enter people’s houses forcefully and use them as a shield?” the President asked.
President Ghani said that many families were affected as the militants “have no courage to attempt for peace”. “You (militants) don’t have the courage to attempt for peace. You don’t have the courage to join a unified front against the enemies of this country,” the President added.
The president mentioned that no Afghan is in favor of the war. “The people of Afghanistan see the system as their own. All the people of Afghanistan are in favor of the system… They are pro-system not against the system,” he reiterated.
President Ghani also hinted at the upcoming Consultative Jirga on Peace – scheduled for April 29 – and said it will be a platform for Afghans to raise their voices and decide on their future.
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