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President Ghani praises ANDSF efforts in war on terror

KABUL: During his second day of visit to Balkh, President Ghani met with Shaheen 209 army corps’ officials, the presidential palace said in a statement on Sunday.
To honor braveries and efforts made by Major Gen. Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai, commander of Shaheen 209 army corps, the president conferred state medal of bravery on him, according to the statement.
Appreciating the president’s attention to the country’s armed forces, Gen. Ahmadzai assured he would further make effort to defend the country.
Addressing Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), the president and supreme commander of armed forces said, ‘You are my eyes’ light and I am proud of each one of you. I would carefully hear your words and practice it.’
The president added you protect the country’s freedom and independence and if there was not your sacrifices, I would not be able to satisfy the international community in term of politics.
He instructed the defense ministry to review the promotion problems of lieutenants and take urgent measures in the respect.
Lauding police sacrifices in fighting terrorism, the president said police forces should enforce law, adding four-years security plan is about to come into effect, through which security would be improved.
According to another report, during a meeting with different segments of Balkh province, the president said, ‘I am glad to be in ancient Balkh and thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality.’
The president said stability and security would not ensure without active role of Balkh people.
Calling Balkh women role effective in different sections, the president stressed on their presence in administrations and in the field of trade.
The president also appreciated Balkh governor for steps taken to create a peaceful atmosphere and fight against powerful figures and thieves.
He clarified that any thief and powerful individual who wants to endanger anyone’s security would be harshly suppressed.
He pointed out that Balkh people want reforms and changes, adding as today Balkh is like a Central Asian open door, it would soon change into the biggest international exports center.
Calling Balkh a linkage point, national unity symbol and center, the president added the enemy would never succeed to achieve its malicious designs.
The president instructed the leadership of defense and security sector to prioritize ensuring security of unrest districts in the province.
He said war in Northern provinces was due to big economic projects, adding we would never allow north to be insecure and would make effort to increase the number of urban security stations.
The president said work on ring road would be discussed in national procurement commission and the urgent humanitarian assistance would be distributed after the affected people situation reviewed.
To address the problems of airport, power and implementation of development programs, the president instructed the relevant organs and said a power network would soon be established.
During the ceremony, Balkh governor Mohammad Ishaq Rahgozar, head of Balkh provincial council, Mohammad Afzal Hadid also separately spoke, saying Balkh’s different tribes have always lived in a peaceful atmosphere alongside each other and they have always cooperated with their government.
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