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President Ghani pays tribute to body of Shaheed Ayaz Niazi

By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, paid tribute to the body of Martyred (Shaheed) Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, Imam and the preacher of the Grand Mosque of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan, who was martyred in a terrorist attack inside the mosque on Tuesday night, a statement said.
While praying to the soul of Shaheed Mawlawi Mohammad Ayaz Niazi in Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Haspital yesterday morning, President Ghani said that all honorable scholars, academic community, especially Kabul University and worshipers of Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Mosque, who have been students and followers of the Shaheed Niazi, mourning his loss, the presidential palace statement added.
The President called Shaheed Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Niazi one of the country’s most enlightened scholars and preachers and said that he was martyred by the ominous attack of those who didn’t know the rules of Islam and do not know the custom and order of society and the rights of individuals.
President Ghani once again expressed his condolences to the family and friends of Shaheed Niazi and the country’s academic community, adding that today our main emphasis is on peace and the elimination of violence on a fundamental basis, the statement added.
The president called on Taliban to continue the ceasefire, which pleased the people, and to distance themselves from extremist movements, so that peace talks could begin soon.
The president also called on religious scholars to work in a single line to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan. He added that the best kind of respect for the Shaheed Mohammad Ayaz Niazi was that the peace and values of the religion of Islam and the constitution should be implemented.
President Ghani said: “In the framework of the constitution, all of us will achieve solidarity and coexistence by accepting each other. They have been and will be arrested, and they will be arrested and punished for their evil deeds.”
The president also assigned a delegation to probe the incident and knowhow of martyrdom of Mohamad Ayaz Niazi.
Later, Abdul Hakim Monib, the acting minister Hajj and religious affairs spoke on behalf of the Ulema and while praying to the soul of Shaheed Mohammad Ayaz Niazi, expressed his gratitude to the President and his attention to the religious scholars.

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