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President Ghani orders army officers’ promotion

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in a meeting with the 201-Silab Corps officers and brigadiers pledged to promote those officers have not been promoted since years, a statement from The Presidential Office said Sunday.

At the outset, Chief of Army Staff, Mohammad Sharif Yaftali shared information about their successful anti-militants offices and said the country’s defense forces have launched operation against the country’s enemy with no troop casualties and assured that they would spare no effort to take security of election and would never interfere in the election process.

The president asked 2-1-Silam army corps to implement the principle of award and punishment within the officers and instructed the ministry of defense to pave the way for promotion of the officers through an inclusive investigation, according to the statement.

Pointing to the devotion of the officers, brigadiers and troops, at the meeting, the president said: “No one believed in the past four years that Afghanistan would stand on its feet, but you proved that this country would remain on its feet for next thousands years.”

“You could migrate, do personal works and make more money, but you selected the way of serving the country and the people which is a matter of proud for me and the nation,” said the president addressing the military personnel.

The president said with ceasefire, we could change the war condition and that the people of Afghanistan believed in no one except the country’s defense and security forces.

He reassured that he believed in peace and could dare to convince others in this field, but as the country’s armed forces commander-in-chief, I order the suppression of the enemies of Afghanistan.

The president renewed his commitment to do more for the families of the country’s defense and security forces martyrs by providing shelters through distribution of lands and prioritizing the members of the martyrs’ families in the appointments and education scholarships, said the statement.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.