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President Ghani names 29 Mizan as ‘Uzbek Language Day’

عنوان روز ملی زبان اوزبیکی م

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with a number of officials and members of social and cultural institutions of Uzbek here at the Char Chenar Palace on Thursday, a statement said.
At the outset, Azizullah Aral head of the Ketab institution spoke related to the event, thanking president’s attention for growth of cultures and languages, in particular the Uzbek language, adding for the first time on the basis of a presidential decree, Uzbek dictionary to be prepared.
He said much have been done for promotion of Uzbek language in last five years, the statement from the presidential palace said yesterday.
Representing the cultural and social associations of Uzbek, Dr. Aral asked government to name 29 Mizan (coincided with 21 October) as the Uzbek Language Day and establish a center for Uzbek and Turkmen languages in Kabul. He also said much attentions have been paid for the language in recent years, as a particular department for Uzbeki language has been established in Kabul Literature faculty as well as another Uzbeki language department has been established in presidential press office.
Meanwhile member of Qarash social and cultural association Mohammad Akbar Dashti thanked President’s attention towards promotion of the languages and enumerated a number of Uzebk youth’s problems to the president, according to the statement.
Approving the proposal made for the 29 Mizan as the Uzbek Language National Day and establishing of a center for Uzbek language in Kabul, the president said the unity of a nation depended on mutual respect for languages and cultures, adding every Afghan has a responsibility to contribute to the development of language and culture, the presidential statement said.
The president hoped the “Uzbek and Turkmen Language Center” work hard to translate the historical works related to these languages and continue to ease education of Uzbeki language to all people, the statement added.
Hinting to crucial role of the central Asian countries, in particular that of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in development of Afghanistan, the president said it was needed for Afghans to understand central Asian countries and Afghansitan is the center for connecting of the Central Asia with South Asia. “The Uzbek and Turkmen languages should be the basis for developing of the relations with those countries.”
“We have owned a great civilization and has been the crossroad of the Asia.
To revive our past, we need to focus on developing of our shared cultures and we need to have positive view for the central Asian countries,” the president added as quoted in the presidential press office statement.

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