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President Ghani meets Bamyan religious scholars, women and university lecturers

رئیس جمهور غنی علمای بامیان به‌خاطر همزیستی و تحکیم وفاق مذهبی، الگو اند

BAMYAN: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during his stay in central province of Bamyan, met with a number of religious scholars, women and university lectures, according to a statement from the presidential press office.
The president said justice constituted the main pillar of an Islamic system and to reach the goal, the government has resolute plan to ensure justice and make effort to put an end to the deprivation all over the country, said the statement.
The president asked the Bamyan religious scholars to allow no one to harm their religious consensus, as the province was an example in religious consensus and most importantly, he called religious consensus one of the key national security points.
President Ghani instructed for increase in the number of imams of the mosques and asked them to work on a plan under which the imams of the mosque could be included in the teaching of the religious subjects, said the statement.
In a separate meeting, the country’s president met with a number of university and school teachers and pledged to establish a medical university as well as construction of 64 schools were under his plan in the province, according to another statement from his office.
The building of the provincial education department would also be constructed with the best standard, the president promised.
In his meeting with a number of women, the president said a special market would be created for the women handicrafts and industries in the Bamyan city.
They would also be provided with a woman-led professional school in the province, as well as an advisory office to address women problems in the governor office to meet their problems. The president also said security unit of up to 443 personnel would be created in the province to take security of the projects under construction.
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