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President Ghani introduces acting Minister of Finance, new Kabul mayor

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani officially introduced Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal as acting minister of Finance and Daoud Sultanzoy as the new mayor of Kabul city through separate video conferences on Thursday. Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal expressed gratitude to the president for entrusting him with the position at this critical moment, adding that the ministry under his leadership will mainly focus on measures to fight corruption, reforms, transparency, cooperation and coordination with the private sector, and attracting international assistance, according to a statement from the presidential press office. First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh congratulated Arghandiwal, saying “You are assuming the Ministry of Finance at a time that Afghanistan needs to rely on austerity budget, where your leadership to overcome this challenge is of paramount importance.” President Ghani extended gratitude to Arghandiwal for assuming this crucial responsibility and stressed that he is willing to form a cabinet that reflects political aptitude and management, grassroots support and popularity, and commitment, according to the statement. The president lauded Dr. Humayon Qayoumi, the outgoing acting minister, for his fundamental schemes and efforts and for successfully meeting the targets set for 1398 fiscal year. The president said the government has taken the lead to cope with spread of the coronavirus, adding that national and international organizations are willing to cooperate with the government to overcome the pandemic disease. He reiterated that the country is undergoing a momentous circumstance where it must deal with the impacts and consequences of covid-19 spread in short, medium and long term. President Ghani, according to the statement, highlighted that the government has planned to provide employment opportunities for the vulnerable classes of society in coordination with the private sector, which is an essential component of the government’s plan at this critical moment. The president said, “With our natural resources, human capital and cohesive leadership, I am confident we can overcome the challenges.” Meanwhile, President Ghani officially introduced Mohammad Daoud Sultanzoy as the new mayor of Kabul city to take over the office from Ahamd Zaki Sarfaraz, a sperate statement from the presidential palace said on Thursday. Mohammad Daoud Sultanzoy expressed gratitude to the president for entrusting him with the position and pledged to continue the plans devised by the former mayor and pursue new plans in coordination with the president and residents of Kabul. He highlighted the need to fight corruption, establish reforms and improve service delivery to the Kabul residents and said success of Kabul municipality will depend upon public cooperation, according to the statement. First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh said being in charge of municipality is a crucial task where people expect you to provide better services for them, underscoring a cultural change needs to be embedded among the Kabul residents to feel responsibility before their city and society. President Ashraf Ghani praised the Kabul residents for their patience and said lack of a well-devised plan for Kabul resulted in sprawling informal settlements in many parts of the city, underlining that he has got a clear picture of Kabul city after meeting with Kabul residents and receiving their realistic analysis and perspectives. The president vowed to deliver on the commitments he made during the meetings with the Kabul residents. The president talked over the spread of coronavirus that threatens the entire country and said, “We need to make joint efforts to overcome this threat.” The president said he expects balanced development of Kabul within the upcoming years and termed curbing corruption, efficient use of resources and creating new resources among crucial responsibilities of Kabul Municipality.


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