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President Ghani Inaugurates Eidgah Mosque

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during a ceremony has inaugurated the Eidgah Mosque and performed Juma prayer, after which, he said ‘admiring Allah’s house is part of our faith,’ said a statement from the presidential office the other day.
Congratulating the inauguration of the mosque in which the independence national hero declared the country’s freedom, the president said all historical sites from the Balahesar to the Jashn area should be reconstructed and that the organs concerned were duty-bound to pay serious attention to the process, according to the statement.
The president lauded all those engineers and the charitable individuals who have attended in the reconstruction of the historical mosque, the statement quoted.
“This was my firm plan to reconstruct the Eidgah Mosque, after it suffered heavy damage in a terrorist attack,” said the country’s president adding the historical sites including mosques would be reconstructed in a way on which the next generation being proud of.
He asked the engineers engaged in the mosque reconstruction work to provide the best design to be implemented in the mosque and asked the religious scholars and the ministry of hajj and Islamic affairs to encourage the people for the maintenance of the mosque.
Other speakers, including the acting minister of hajj and Islamic affairs spoke at the ceremony and said the country’s president by reconstruction of the mosque has completed the country’s historical, spiritual and independence high values.
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