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President Ghani hears demands, suggestions of Momand elders

جمهوررئیس د مومندو قوم د مشرانوغوښتنې او وړاندیزونه واورېدل

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met the other day with a number of elders and representatives of Momand tribe at Chahar Chenar Palace.
In the meeting, representative of the people in parliament Faridoon Momand first briefed related to districts that have been recently cleared from presence of enemies by the country’s defense and security forces with close cooperation of the people, saying that the people of Nangarhar wanted consolidation of the system and implementation of the law.
Asking for dispatching of an authorized delegation by government for security and attention to reconstruction of the respective districts, Momand added the districts need to be reconstructed and problems facing the people should be addressed.
Afterwards, Qari Fazil Rahman spoke and by addressing to the President said: “By blessing of your works, determination and ceasefire, I and a number of my colleagues joined the people and government and are now fighting besides the ANDSF against the enemies.”
After hearing demands and suggestions made by elders of Momand tribe, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by praising the people of Nangarhar for their bravery and commitment towards defending the country and supporting the system instructed head of national directorate of security to jointly work with MoD and MoI to address suggestions made by Momand elders for maintaining security in their district.
The country’s President also instructed general directorate of presidential office’s administrative affairs to dispatch an authorized delegation to start assessment and reconstruction of the cleared districts, adding that necessary measures should be adopted for maintaining security of the cleared districts.
President also said that an authorized delegation of the ministry of transport would be also dispatched for attention to reconstruction of Goshta district.

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