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President Ghani hails Afghans’ jihad against USSR

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: In a message on the occasion 8th Saur, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said all Afghans should jointly battle the coronavirus pandemic just like they fought together against the former Soviet Union.
President Ghani recalled the heroic struggle of the Afghans on Mujahideen’s victory over the Soviet Union.
The president congratulated the nation on victory against the invaders. “I salute the Afghan forces for realising aspirations of martyrs and for striving day and night for the stability of the country.”
The message quoted the president, saying the jihad of the Afghan people was the outcome of sacrifices rendered by the countrymen who had stood against a world power and defeated it.
He said the historic day could not be marked with ceremonies as it had a special place in everyone’s heart.
“We won and our jihad was right because all Muslims of Afghanistan had been part of it; it was not the mission of one specific party. All Afghans were part of it.”
The Afghans have also stood like a rock against what the president called an imposed war. The Afghans had exhibited unity and worked for lasting peace, he remarked.
President Ghani said, unfortunately, Afghanistan had been a victim of foreign conspiracies for several years. He alleged the plots were aimed to shake the foundations of the country.
He insisted his elected government was striving to control the Covid-10 pandemic, using all available resources. He asked all people to fight coronavirus — just like they had defeated the Soviet Union.
President Ghani once again called on militants to come to the negotiating table and discuss what the teeming masses wanted.
Of course, the Afghans — like all other people – desired peace and stability, the president remarked, saying his administration welcomed public demands and was ready to seize every opportunity for pace.
On December 27, 1979, some 120,000 Soviet troops — backed by helicopters, fighter jets and tanks — invaded Afghanistan and installed a puppet regime in Kabul.
The invasion sparked an unprecedented resistance that lasted nine years and resulted in the death of one million Afghans.
The Soviet invasion resulted in the killing of 90,000 mujahidin, 18,000 Afghan troops allied with Soviets and 14,500 Russian soldiers before the jihad ended in February 1989.
The jihad represented a crushing defeat for the former USSR, which had been locked with the US in the cold war.
The Soviet Union finally pulled out its last soldier from Afghanistan on February 15, 1989.

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