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President Ghani appreciates holy Quran reciters

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President Ghani awarding holy Quran reciters with certificates at the Chahar Chenar Palace

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday met with a number of holy Quran reciters whom have attained high positions in ‘Best Recitation Competitions’, the presidential palace said in a statement.
According to the statement, during a ceremony held in Chahar Chenar Palace, congratulating obtaining high positions to holy Quran reciters, the president awarded them with honorary certificates.
Addressing the participants, President Ghani said “you were the honor of holy religion of Islam whom enlighten our hearts with holy Quran tune,” the statement further said.
The president added based on his commitment, there is no any distance between Arg and masjid and presence of ulema in Arg is now really visible in compare with the past, the statement added.
He clarified our creation’s philosophy is Islam and all issues have been mentioned in holy Quran, Seerat-e-Nabawi, constitution, ulema views and fatwas, adding legitimacy, governance and people dimension would not take place without holy religion of Islam’s verdicts, the statement went on to say. ‘There is justice philosophy in holy religion of Islam within which government and nation have gathered around and Islam is a fair system based on honesty and justice,’ the president said.
The president said he has heard the country’s ulema suggestions and great works would happen in the ministry of hajj and religious affairs in near future. He added a million volumes of holy Quran would be distributed throughout the country and based on ulema suggestions on construction of grand mosques in any provinces of the country, he would step up through domestic revenues, the statement added.
Appreciating efforts and services made by Qari Barakatullah Salim, head of Afghanistan holy Quran reciters, the president called him Afghanistan’s honor and pride.
During the ceremony, the ministry of hajj and religious affairs Faiz Mohammad Osmani spoke and thanked the president for supporting holy Quran reciters and reciters. He added holding such programs in Arg is unprecedented.
Talking about his ministry’s done works, the ministry of hajj pointed out on changes in supplying services to hajjis, reconstruction of masjids throughout the country, arranging laws and regulations, visible decrease in hajjis’ expenditures, standardization of hajjis’ flights and some other related issues.
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