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President Ghani appreciates 215-Maiwand Army Corps’ officials, personnel

مهور رئیس غني د ۲۱۵ میوند قول اردو منسوبینو ته په خطاب

KABUL: The Presidential Press Office said in a statement released to media that the country’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the officials and personnel of the 215-Army Corps appreciated them for their efforts in rebuffing terrorists and taking security of the October 20 parliamentary elections.
The statement released Monday quoted the president as thanking them for suppressing terrorist groups in the Helmand province, where the parliamentary elections were successfully concluded.
According to the president, doing duty in the province was too difficult in the past two years, and the 2015 Maiwand Army Corps officials and personnel could handle it successfully and foiled the enemy plots.
The president instructed the security and defense forces to duly address the problems of the troops, brigadiers and personnel and that their problems in the fields of payments, promotion, privileges and recesses should basically be addressed, according to the statement.
Courage medals, the president said should also be provided for the troops as they are both the men of trench and office, the statement added.
He emphasized that the contractors should complete the conditions mentioned in the contracts and no corruption would be accepted in this field, the statement continued.
Vegetable and seasonal fruits should also be lodged in their food menus and the brigadiers should be provided with salaries and stipends as well. “I learn the lesson of patriotism and heroic from them, whenever I come to the military corps,” said the president as quoted by the statement.
He also instructed the National Security Advisor for fundamentally addressing the repairing problems of the security and defense vehicles.
The president, to conclude with, said he and the people of Afghanistan were proud of the 215-Maiwand Army Corps’ personnel, as they fight the country’s dignity and noted that war in Afghanistan would never be privatized as the country has hero and brave offspring like them.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.