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President asks MoPH to be fully prepared for second wave of COVID-19

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with public health provincial directors on Thursday noon at the Presidential Palace discussed an array of issues including reforms at health sector, looming second wave of Covid-19, and budget management, a presidential press office statement said.

Ahmad Jawad Osmani, Acting Minister of Public Health briefed the meeting participants on the ministry’s reform plan. He said the master plan of the ministry which aims at improving health service delivery is currently being implemented, according to the statement.

Acting minister of Public Health said the plan is believed to attract international commitments for Afghanistan in the upcoming Geneva Conference to support the country’s health sector for the following five years, the statement added.

Provincial Public Health directors of Herat and Maidan Wardak, who were speaking on behalf of others, talked over their efforts enabling them to overcome the first wave of Covid-19 pandemic in spite of being faced with lack of facilities and proper systems. They pledged to undertake any possible efforts to properly deal with the looming second wave of coronavirus.

They asked the president to assign delegations that include professionals and experts to be able to move forward the investigation in an appropriate manner and ensure transparency.

President Ghani lauded the directors for their good performance enabling them to successfully deal with the first wave of covid-19 in their relevant provinces and instructed the directors to be fully prepared, alerted and coordinated to be able to tackle with the impending second wave.

President Ghani described the provincial health directors as national assets and said monitoring and inspection are principled processes where you can defend your positive performance and help you address shortcomings.

The president also attached importance to management of polio, reforms, and clear definition of authorities at the health sector, saying that the ongoing condition of the health sector is not acceptable.

President Ghani highlighted that the private sector is willing to make investment on construction of hospitals and health centers and expressed hope the investments be expanded to the remote provinces as well.

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