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Preservation of Afghan historical values indicate identity of a nation

Afghan Independence Day and Flag

By: Suraya Raiszada

28th of Asad (19th of Aug), the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence restoration day is expected to be celebrated gloriously by the government this year.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, experts emphasized on preservation of national-historical values and considered brave men of the history deserving for being celebrated.
Political and regional expert, Ahmad Emran said, the young and patriotic King Amanullah Khan, took a firm step and restored Afghanistan independence from the Britain. The brave Afghan people shed their red blood for their freedom which is appreciable.
He continued, how a nation should defend its independence and historical values. Identity of a nation is in preservation of its values and independence. But I believe that following the collapse of Amanullah Khan, the subsequent of Afghan ruler sometimes had independence and sometimes military independence and sometimes lack autarchy. I hope one day the Afghan people would ensure political, security, economic and cultural independence.
This expert emphasized that government is responsible for the people freedoms. Therefore, safeguarding of independence day is in fact celebration of our history champions and their epics. Celebration should take place gloriously, 28th of Asad should be celebrated and efforts should be make to implement independence objectives.
Mohammad Karim Aminzoy Academic Chief of legal stage, Kabul University said, it is better known to you that independence is the national identity of a country. Independence is one of the major factors of the governments and helps the citizens to reach their basic rights and independence has particular importance.
Since 1919, Aug 19th has been celebrating in the country with particular festivals. Future generations should understand that the freedom day has not been gained simply. They should know their historical values and if this day is celebrated fadingly, it means that freedom has no value to upcoming generations and would remain bad impact on them.
Touching challenges in different periods in Afghanistan Aminzoy added, unfortunately in these years, due to security, political reasons, the then governments failed to celebrate this day properly or collisions among political leaders caused us to fail to celebrate this day gloriously.
He continued, we should make efforts to preserve our historical achievements and values. It is the governments responsibility to celebrate independence magnificently. They should make their best efforts for boosting of education and higher education and transfer historical honors from generation to generation. Educational institutes have great responsibility to learn achievements and honors of freedom day for students and tell them to keep them alive for upcoming generation.
Aminzoy went on to say, other countries respect their values, for instance India is a regional country who commemorate its accepted traditions and bravery of its independence founders.
They established stable government as one of the reasons is valuing freedom and national, historical values.
Haroon Mir another political analyst believes that 28th of Asad is an extremely important and decisive day in Afghanistan history. During the last four decades, Afghanistan has been affected by security, political and economic situations of the regional countries that created great challenges and crises to our country.
Mir added, during the reign of King Amanullah a constitutional movement was created that really wanted to lead Afghanistan from a dark society towards brightness and change Afghanistan to a progressive country but unfortunately in the wake of communist coup d’état progress and development, process was strongly disturbed and stopped and Afghanistan failed to reach the caravan of advancement.
Comparing Afghanistan today with 80 years ago, Mir added, unfortunately Afghanistan is a backward country in Asian continent, therefore we are required to have a new definition of our freedom and independence because the previous definition from independence is a different one. Because today despite of being an independent country but we are dependent economically to international assistance. We should offer a new and realistic definition of independence to future generations. A real independence could only be achieved whenever we achieve economic self-sufficiency.
He added, we should encourage the young generation to know on their independence and how it has been gained?
What sacrifices did the Afghan give for that to liberate their country from the Britishers. 

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