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Presence, role of women should be distinguished in peace talks

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By: The Kabul Times

The role of women should be distinguished in peace process than before. Women are not satisfied for their current share in peace talks process and consider their role and share in peace process symbolic and believe that essential share has not been given to women in peace process.
Women say that the constitution has emphasizes on women partnership in every national process, so according to it, women are required to have effective and outstanding share in peace talks,
Women should express their opinions, views and concerns in related meetings of peace process, because no one else could realize and reflect better women’s concerns.
Women have been experiencing hard and difficult life since long times. Now they want to play effective role in peace process to discuss urgent concerns, find suitable solutions aimed to end problems and hardships during peace talks. They want to receive commitment from both sides of peace talks that in no case should ignore or underestimate women rights and let the women to have their deserving position in post-peace life. Women ask protection of their rights and achievements and want their rights not to be dealt with.
In a new copy of US-Taliban peace agreement, no frank hint has been taken place on women position but it has been said that like other related issues to form and structiure of the system and citizen’s rights, this issue must be discussed during intra-Afghan talks and be decided.
In one of the articles of the agreement, Islamic State after intra-Afghan talks has been mentioned. The agreement said that the women and citizens rights in the country will be observed in the light of orders and instructions of holy religion of Islam. These points have caused certain concerns among the women community in Afghanistan.
The reason behind women concern is Taliban particular interpretation of Islamic teachings. During their rule (1996-2001) Taliban had deprived women of all their rights, practically had imprisoned them inside home and had denied all their social role.
During the Taliban rule, women played no role in social life and were jailed in home. All above restrictions were the result of Taliban particular interpretation of Islam. Now women are concerned that during the peace talks once again their legitimate rights and freedoms may be victimized and be used as a scapegoat with Taliban. Women are concerned for their legal achievements, rights and freedoms, therefore they ask their effectives partnership in peace talks process.
As half of four social body, in fact women own half of collective capacities and capabilities. Women capabilities are never less than the men. Afghanistan has been nourishing large number of capable women and like every other times, now we have many capable women who could be effective and useful in all fields, including peace process. Prior to this, women had already displayed their capabilities and capacities in all fields of national life and managed to offer valuable services in different fields with their effective partnership and palyed outstanding role. No doubt at present circumstances, Afghanistan is in dire need of women capacities and capabilities to help peace process to produce expected outcome.

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