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Presence of Afghan footballers in world cup not a dream but a will

مطلب شکریه عکس کریمه

The Russia world cup 2018 was organized at a time that the Afghan Football Team was not present there, but the Afghan people hope their football team would attend the future world cups.

In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on the will of Afghan football team in the upcoming world cups, Technical Deputy Coach of Afghan Football team, Mohammad Yousuf Kargar said, the world cup and Asian Cups have their own stages and programs while the first organizes every four years and 32 countries attend it.

He added, out of 209 countries, 5 shares were given to Asian countries to play the preliminary games. Unfortunately Afghanistan failed to ascend in preliminary world cup games among Asian countries of Japan and Syria to attend the world cup. The Asian powerful economic powers like japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Korea as well as Australia managed to attend Russia 2018 world cups. Afghanistan football team for the first time in 2013 attended south Asia competitions and became champion. Following this championship, we try to participate among five teams of Asian countries. Preparation announces for every game two years before. We took preparation for Russia-2018 world cup two years ago but unfortunately failed to attend. If in 2020 Afghanistan manages to appear among Asian teams, we would be liable to attend 2022 Qatar world cup games.

Here in Afghanistan thousands enthusiasts of Russia-2018 world cup watch TV every night.

Ahmad Walid and his son who are strongly fond of world cup said, I am one of the funs of football and miss no game and am in favor of Argentine Messi but unfortunately my favorite team was omitted from 2018 games. I hope the football team of Afghanistan would manage to attend upcoming world cups.

Hamid another countryman said, every Afghan wishes Afghan football team to attend successfully world cups.

Roohullah a student of Kardan University said, if the aids offered to Afghanistan Cricket Team, be given to our football team, most likely our football team would manage to attend upcoming world cup games.

He asked the donor organizations to support our sport teams and enable us to take part in world cup games.

Shukria Kohistani

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