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Premature fruits’ yields to soon be supplied to markets

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The in-charges of the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock say that nearly 3000 acres of land have been allocated to establish premature fruits and vegetables gardens.
During a fruits exhibition held recently, the minister of agriculture Nasir Ahmad Durani told media that the fruits being exhibited here can be matured two months sooner in compare with other fruits.
He added the premature fruits have been investigated in four zones introduced in this fair.
According to him, there are almost 3000 acres of land of premature fruits existed in eastern zone of the country, in which two tons of fruits can be yielded. Demand for fresh fruits is high in this season and the eastern zone gardens’ production rate is not even enough for themselves, Minister Durani said.
He added his ministry plans to increase the number of dense gardens.
Likewise, the ministry plans to establish 3000 acres of land of new gardens for premature fruits in order to have fresh fruits in all seasons and help bolster farmers’ economy.
This is while that head of horticulture department of the ministry for agriculture Mohammad Osman Safi says that establishing premature fruits’ gardens will help boost farmers’ economy.
At the same time, there is demand for fresh fruits in all seasons, thus, the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock should encourage farmers to establish new gardens so the people can have access to fresh fruits all time.
A number of people say that Afghanistan is among those countries where enjoys good climate for agriculture, but due to relevant in-charges’ inattention particularly the ministry of agriculture, they are not able to grow and yield more.
A Kabul resident who came to visit the exhibition told The Kabul Times that unfortunately, our people mostly benefit from importing materials then the domestic products and yields. Nowadays, different types of fruits are being imported to Afghanistan and they have good market. I think if the ministry of agriculture establish cold-stores and storages with international standard, we will have access to fresh fruits in all seasons and won’t need to get importing fruits.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.