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Prejudgments regarding election results against law, experts

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following end of voting process, a number of people and organs by releasing vote counts confuse the people’s minds. A number of Afghan experts say any kind of prejudgments in connection with results of September 28 presidential elections are against the laws.
Meanwhile, officials for Independent Election Commission (IEC) say it is the job of IEC to announce preliminary and final results of the election not others.
Experts say despite of all security challenges, the people went out to cast their votes for their favorite candidate and responded positively to democracy and system based on the constitution.
“Soon after the voting process ended, a number of organizations and networks started to prejudge results of the elections and share figures that can confuse the people’s minds,” said Hashimi, former representative of people in parliament.
Hashimi added that the people used of their right and cast their votes for their favorite candidates despite of all challenges, saying that they were now waiting for results of the elections, but prejudgments regarding results of the election would create new crisis for Afghanistan.
Hashimi asked all the people of Afghanistan to keep calm and wait for IEC to announce results of the elections.
In his recent remarks after ending the voting process, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani asked the electoral bodies to protect each vote of the people. “The people of Afghanistan have shown to the world that they want democracy and respect the country’s constitution; therefore, the electoral bodies are asked to fulfill their duty and protect the people’s ballots,” President Ghani said.
An Afghan political expert says Afghanistan is passing a critical stage, so candidates, electoral watchdog agencies, social media including media organizations should avoid prejudging the election’s results and give chance to electoral bodies to announce results of the elections.
“In other countries of the world, results of the election are announced within a day, but there are still problems although they have all the equipment. In Afghanistan, there are hundreds of problems and challenges facing the people and government; therefore, no candidate should claim victory or win before the IEC declares results of the election,” said Haidar Hemat, an Afghan political expert.
He asked all sides to the elections to avoid prejudging results of the elections.
Following end of the voting process, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) in a statement has said that it is Independent Election Commission (IEC) that can declare official figures of the turnout as well as results of the election not others.
“UNAMA reiterated the importance that all parties act responsibly in the period ahead, respecting that only Afghanistan IEC is authorized to issue official election turn-out figures. UNAMA has not and won’t speculate on turn-out numbers. UNAMA awaits IEC announcement”, the statement added.
It is worth mentioning that Preliminary overall results for the September 28 vote are expected on October 19, allowing electoral bodies to process complaints and tally votes sent to Kabul from remote areas of the mountainous country. Final results are expected to be announced on November 7.

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