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Power pylons, lines destroyed over a hundred times so far, DABS

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Reporting about destruction of power pylons and lines for over a hundred times, Head of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) Amanullah Ghalib said that due to insecurity in a number of provinces, power pylons and lines have been destroyed and it faced us with lots of problems in 1397.
Pointing at the sherkat’s incomes, he added that DABS loses 300 mln Afghani incomes in insecure parts of the country each year.
According to in-charges, DABS couldn’t collect its power bills’ incomes in 17 districts last year and this year, it will not be able to collect its power bills’ revenues in 23 districts.
Besides losing power bills’ incomes, DABS lost 850 mln Afghani due to insecurities last year, they added.
At the same time, calling such a situation not in the benefit of DABS, a number of economic experts say that the government particularly security forces are obliged to make effort to ensure security of power pylons in the country, otherwise, DABS will lose on one hand and lack of power will face us with lots of problems on the other.
Experts ask the government to properly ensure security of power establishments in the country.
They asked warring-sides not to destroy public utility establishments.
Calling war one of the factors behind power outages, an economic expert Abdul Qadir Jilani says that powerful figures are also a problem for DABS as some of them have not paid their power bills for years. However, DABS has several times disclosed the list of those who have not paid their power bills, but still, a number of them has not paid their power bills and if it continues, the company will not be able to operate properly.
A number of citizens ask DABS to collect power bills from powerful individuals as it does from us in each 60 days.
“It will be good if DABS issues power bills in each 30 days, because, some families have financial problems and it will be hard to them to pay a two-month power bill at once particularly when the winter arrives and power consumption doubles,” a Kabul resident Obaidullah said.
This comes as earlier, a number of residents in insecure areas particularly in Helmand said that armed insurgents collect their power bills’ monies compulsorily.
Shukria Kohistani

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