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Poverty a big calamity of Afghan people


While unemployment is oppressing in the country, the MoLSA had mentioned the number of unemployed people in the past about two million but its believed that the actual rate of unemployment is much higher than that figure. Some relevant research and active organizations claim that two-third of eligible work force namely nearly seven million people are unemployed.
Unemployment peaked at a time that due to increasing insecurities and vast propaganda consequences that were launched following the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the investment rate gravely decreased and the work of international organizations, were suspended.
The Afghan people are at close quarters with poverty consequences including unhealthy food and nutrition.
Poverty has caused the Afghan families failed to benefit a sound nutrition system and large part of citizens have been affected with malnutrition.
The UN children Agency (UNICEF) has recently announced that about two million and five hundred thousands Afghan children and mothers have been affected with malnutrition. According to this report, about two million children under 5 and 484000 pregnant and breast feeding mothers, are acutely deprived of health and food security.
The UNICEF report adds that out of two million children, 600000 are posing to critical malnutrition.
All these phenomenon are no doubt consequences of extensive poverty in Afghanistan. Based on reports released prior to this by responsible organizations, the poverty rate is astronomically concerning high. Based on a report released last fall, 54 percent of Afghan population are affected with poverty.
Another report released late 1397 solar year by CSO shows that nearly half of Afghanistan population have been effected with multi-dimensional and inclusive poverty.
Poverty has caused many families to be deprived from high quality, powerful, rich high calorie nutrition and fail to provide to their children essential and required calorie needed by human body.
A part of the population are deprived of even one time food as another problem is domination of wrong nutrition culture among Afghan families that causes them not to pay essential attention to quality of food. Nevertheless malnutrition causes unpleasant outcomes on the health of children and pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
Those children who are deprived of food immunity are posing nine times more to death than others.
Vulnerability against diseases, probability of return of past diseases, reduction of growth and mental development for children specially female children are potential risks among people.
But, it is important what to do in this connection. In the first step we should think to change families’ economy. The ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate poverty and destitution should be recognized and implemented.
This goal could be achieved only through creation of employment opportunities to families to earn income, improve their food requirements and provide essential food for women and children.
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