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Positive sensitivities should be respected

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In a recent move, the Ministry of Education banned schoolgirls older than 12 not appear at public with women-only events for singing.
The decision also prohibits male teachers from training schoolgirls to sing, but the schoolgirls older 12 are allowed to sing at events with 100 percent women participation.
The ministry said that the decision would be applied to all provinces, with the schools principals being responsible for implementing the ban.
But the ban sparked outrage from some people and rights activists, after going viral on social media, many of saying the decree resembled the policies, the Taliban adopted during their regime.
Some fear that the Taliban could regain power in Afghanistan as the group has negotiated a peace deal with the US and they compared it to the ideology of the Taliban during their power and would be implemented after the peace process success.
Some social media users contested the ban by sharing young girls dancing and singing old image and footages, while some noted the education ministry’s plan was not an appropriate and good look as the government of Afghanistan was seeking to strengthen the republic system, which is the key supporter of democracy, human rights and woman rights.
A right group based in Afghanistan also said the decision made the authorities to ban schoolgirls from singing at public events, should not be promoted as the move promote gender discrimination.
But the ministry said the decision was made, after rising demands from their parents and the students themselves.
Indeed, any decisions made by the country’s Ministry of Education and the government in general, are being in favor of the national interests and this is not against the country’s constitution (as some activists believe), as the constitution of the country also respects some positive sensitivities and accepted traditions.
On the other, if we look to the need for the girls’ singing from among schoolgirls; this could be addressed and would also be good to be done by girls under 12.
The move by the ministry was not also a resemblance or an emulation of the Taliban policy, but vice versa something against the group’s rights vision, as the group, during its tenure, was not even ready to allow girls and women to go outside home at all; rather to let under-12-ages sing at public events.
During the extremist regime, singing, even listening to music and writing poems or songs has been strictly banned.
This is not also a breach to freedom of expressions, but a way to convince the young female students and their parents under the current sensitive situations.
The country’s citizens should also avoid sharing, publishing and publicizing everything they want and first, should consider sensitivities of the families as they have also the right to comment and their children and their viewpoints taken as part of a decision-making board.

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