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Population of Afghanistan nearing 33 million, authority

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By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: The population of Afghanistan has reached 32,900,000 in 2020, showing an increase of 75 percent comparing 2001 of only 19,091,000, the Central Statistics Office said Sunday.
The Central Statistic Office said the population of Afghanistan has increased by more than 13.8 million over the last 20 years, as in the last 20 years, Kabul has become more populous than any other part of the country. Last year, the city — now with more than five million people — has witnessed another 4% increase in its population, the office added.
Some Kabul residents in a briefing with The Kabul Times said that the country’s growing population has caused the people deprive of their citizenship rights.
A Kabul resident, Aqa Mohammad said that the city had not the capacity of such high number of population.
“A large number of people have come from the provinces to seek for work and safe place in the capital, but unfortunately their living conditions deteriorated compared to the previous years, as they often deprive of their citizenship right in the heavily populated city.” According to him, access to social and health services is one of the most challenging issues facing the capital residents.
He asked the government to expand the city and make it easier for the people living condition. All citizens have the right to work and educate and they shouldn’t be deprived of their rights, another citizen, Roina Shahabi spokesperson for the country’s Central Statistics Office said.
“Increasing population can lower the groundwater level and create problems for the environment, like sewage and overheating etc,” said the spokeswoman. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health said that the ministry was making effort to raise awareness among the people through a family planning both in the clinics and in the remote parts of the country.
Dastgir Nazari the ministry’s spokesman said it was a very serious problem for the Afghan health sector and all efforts are being done to set up a proper family plan and help the citizens to overcome their problems.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.