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Pompeo informs NUG leaders on ‘notable progress’ in US-Taliban peace talks

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive (CE) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah late on Tuesday in separate telephone conversations spoke with US secretary of state Mike Pompeo and discussed recent developments in peace talks with the Taliban.
Pompeo informed the president on a notable progress made in the ongoing peace talks with the Taliban, according to a statement from the presidential press office.
President Ghani welcomed the development and expressed happiness that his principle position on peace begun to yield fruitful results, according to the statement.
“Our primary objective is to end the senseless bloodshed. To do so, the Afghan people stand with us with their full consensus and I assure them that their leadership maintains the courage, competence, and the necessary resources to achieve this objective,” he said.
“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will manage the next steps in a manner that positively supports the overall peace process and will report to the public,” the president was quoted in the statement.
The US secretary of state in a separate telephone call with Chief Executive (CE) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah also informed him about recent developments regarding reduction in violence during talks between US and the Taliban.
During their conversation, Pompeo hoped that recent developments in peace talks would pave the way for the signing of bilateral peace agreement, launch of intra-Afghan talks and ultimately to a durable peace in Afghanistan, the CE press office said. While thanking the US secretary of state for the telephonic call, Dr. Abdullah said peace was the top priority of the people and government of Afghanistan. The CE welcomed development related to reduction in violence between the US and the Taliban. He also welcomed and supported US, Taliban agreement on reduction of violence which would pave the way for the signing of peace agreement between the two sides and launch of intra-Afghan talks, the statement added. The CEO also hoped that the Taliban would grab the opportunity and take future steps for durable peace and stability in the country, according to the statement. 

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