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Politicians should prioritize national intertest

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A Loya Jirga, or “grand assembly” is a mass national gathering that brings together representatives from the various ethnic, religious, and tribal communities in Afghanistan. The Loya Jirga is a centuries-old institution that has been convened at times of national crisis or to settle national issues. Historically, it has been used to approve a new constitution, declare war, choose a new king, or to make sweeping social or political reforms.
According to the Constitution, a Loya Jirga is considered the “highest expression” of the Afghan people. But it is not an official decision-making body. Its decisions are not legally binding and any verdict it hands out must be approved by the two houses of the Afghan parliament and the president in order for it to be made official.  Unofficially, however, the Loya Jirga’s decision is seen as final, with the president and parliament expected to respect the ruling.
Since Afghanistan is going through a very sensitive juncture of time, where efforts accelerated for peace talks with Taliban, President Ghani’s call for holding of Loya Jirga is of immense important and the country’s politicians should support the move, as it seeks way for a honorable and durable peace and stability in the country.
Addressing a press conference, President Ghani’s Special Envoy for Peace Mohammad Umer Daudzai briefed about developments in preparations for the upcoming Grand Consultative Jirga on Peace and said preparations are promoting in full swing in this respect.  Daudzai said the peace Jirga will be held as scheduled on April 29 and that there will be no delay in it.
He said the total number of peace Jirga delegates will be almost 3,000 adding the Jirga will be the most all-inclusive and the biggest Jirga in the history of Afghanistan. He mentioned that Jirgas in Afghanistan are similar to referendums in other countries so, Afghanistan is called as the land of jirgas. 
Loya Jirga, which is introduced the highest manifestation of public will, plays a crucial role in social and political arenas. Since many countries have an institution for making decision about important political issues, Loya Jirga is a reasonable and necessary institution and the decisions to be made on peace process would be destiny making for people and the country. 
Afghans will again cast their votes to ballot boxes in presidential election with hope for peace and security. It is now time for peace and reconciliation. The insurgents have to use the current platform for negotiations with Afghan government and resolve their differences on the table – this is the most logical way.
Meanwhile those opposing holding of the consultative Loya Jirga on peace in the country, should put aside their differences and prioritize national interests at this juncture of time. Reaching a consensus agreement in peace negotiations requires time, patience, flexibility and honest effort from all the sides.
Taliban and the country’s politicians play a crucial role in peace process, as their commitment and enthusiasm toward peace have the ability to push all the sides of the negotiation to reach an agreement that would grant a peaceful tomorrow for Afghans.

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