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Political parties should not ignore national interests

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Key political leaders and former government officials on Thursday officially launched a new coalition which they say they intend to help resolve numerous issues including growing instability, poverty and ethnic divisions.
Addressing guests attending the launcheon of the alliance, which they called it the ‘Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan’, former Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor said it has been formed under the leadership of First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum, himself as the Jamiat Islami Chief Executive, Second Deputy Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq, and other key figures.
Meanwhile a statement from the presidential palace said on Thursday that the government has consulted about different national and international issues with political parties and Jihadi and political leaders over nearly last four years. “The government would hold another meeting about some important issues with political parties and figures in the near future.”
Indeed government has always stressed that political coalitions and parties could be effective in implementation of national programs and in the ongoing situation, the government has prioritized peace and elections and would also have joint meetings with political parties and movements for the sake of hearing their effective plans for the assistance of government and the public.
The relationship between government and citizens is very important. Ultimately government is accountable to citizens for decisions taken – at a macro, community and at an individual level.
Consultation’s ability to bring the different factions together and make them agree upon reasonable terms and conditions can never be compared with any other mean of conflict. At the same way, it is the cheapest way of resolving differences and disputes when different sides agree to take the right track and avoid more destruction. 
The national unity government leaders have consulted major issues of the country with national dignitaries, political and jihadi personalities. Evaluating the national issues, most importantly, security and defensive situation of the country and counter-enemy efforts, further strengthening of peace process, economic development and capacity building have been the main agenda of the consultative meetings.
Meanwhile public accountability is exercised through oversight by public representatives in the legislative power of government and at the community level, government is required to consult and involve communities in discussion about projects and programs that directly affect them.
At an individual level, citizens have the right to persuade government to account for, and get reasons for government decisions that directly affect them.
Therefore, the government’s initiative of holding consultative meetings with the country’s elders and political figures on different issues, is indeed a practical exercise of democracy and good governance, through which the government can easily understand what the people want and how to move forward, considering the nation’s legitimate demands. The political parties and politicians too consider national interests and do not ignore it. They should join hands with their government to counter enemies’ threats and foil their vicious goals.

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