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Political parties should not create obstacles before upcoming parliamentary elections

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A number of political parties and political movements on Wednesday staged a demonstration in two areas of Kabul to exert pressure on the Afghan political leadership and the election commission to meet their demands regarding the election process. 
The protestors criticized the government for its reluctance to create a joint commission of government and the political parties to undertake some basic changes in the election system and warned that they will expand their civil protests unless government and the Independent Election Commission (IEC) meets their demands for reforms in the election system.
But the election commission has hit out over the demands by the political parties – especially that involve a biometric system on election day.  The IEC hits at legitimate demands of the political parties but adding there was no enough time to roll out reforms ahead of the October elections. 
Meanwhile President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has held several consultative meetings with political parties and pledged that a joint commission must be established to study the demands of the political parties and issues around elections.
The president has also issued a decree and instructed all government employees to avoid interference in election affairs, stressing on impartiality of the election commissions.
Election is a democratic movement which makes a significant landmark in a community. The citizens, who have been marginalized to decide on political issues, are supposed to play their vital roles in electing their president by going to voter registration centers.
The recent move of the political parties showing that they don’t have any will for holding of the upcoming parliamentary elections and their protests meaning that they create further obstacles before the long-delayed upcoming parliamentary and district councils elections.
It is unfortunate to see that the political parties and civil society activists that should promote democracy and protect the constitution the most are themselves involved in violating it. No democracy can flourish without the dominancy of its constitution and without the regular and consistent elections. Unfortunately, the Afghan democracy must wait for its parliamentary election for the time being. 
Undoubtedly, democracy is the most important factor in stabilization and development of post-conflict countries; on the contrary, there are no kingdoms or autocratic systems being successful in reconstruction of war-torn countries.
In fact, today’s crises in Afghanistan are the outcome of those inheridatory political systems which were handed over by the then governments to another ones. While today’s world economic and political powers came out of collective will of people after they decided to move from barbarism and racism to rationalism.
In order to well-practice the democracy in the country and safeguard the achievements, we need to support holding of elections and safeguard it from the parasites of corruption. The political parties should too, considering the time left for the upcoming parliamentary elections, should support the process and help both the government and election commissions to conduct the democratic process on due time and date.

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