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“Policy change meets militancy, rather to fencing borders”


Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan, while giving his victory speech, has wished to have open borders with its immediate neighbor Afghanistan, on what he said the pattern of European Union member countries.
But the Pakistani army are still busy fencing borders between the two countries, in a bid to plug traditional routes for the militants’ movements.
A Pakistani newspaper published an interview with Afghanistan’s Ambassador Mohammad Omar Zakhilwal who opposed fencing the border as the move would never help militants’ infiltration, but further restricts interdependency and flow of people and culture exist between the people of the two countries.
“We oppose the fencing as it will restrict interdependency and flow of people from both sides of the border. But we appreciate PM Khan’s idea and there is no doubt about that.”
The country’s ambassador said he believed that preventing infiltration required more of a policy change than restricting ordinary people’s lives and that was not an effective way.
Zakhilwal was quoted by the Daily Time as arguing that change in policies would be helpful to counter the threat of militants and that both sides should support each other’s peace and stability initiatives as according to him, “barbed wires or barriers can’t address the existing grievances.”
On the other, Afghan people living around the world, particularly those of facing various challenges in Pakistan, want to peacefully return home and the goal is reached, when a lasting peace and security was restored in the war-plagued nation.
They don’t want to permanently live in other countries, as the critical condition; imposed war, violence from insurgents, and the worst joblessness have forced them leave abroad. So, Afghans living in Pakistan want to permanently stay there, but want the hosting countries help peace and security return to their country, where they could live with dignity. However, the government, as the ambassador believed, don’t push them to return.
Pakistan can bring Taliban to a negotiating table and this is its responsibility to do for its neighbor, because peace and security in Afghanistan benefits Pakistan, region and generally the world.
Pakistan should never expect stability of its soil and nation through fencing the shared border with Afghanistan, but should seek through its firm steps towards cooperation in the field of sustainable peace restoration in the war-affected country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.